Make the best cake for your wedding

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Here are a few types of cakes that you can have in your wedding to make it memorable:

·Fondant cake:

Have you seen different cakes on which different shapes are made with sweet dough? Some are shaped in a doll, while some are shaped like a car. Well, these cakes are known as fondant cakes. You can watch its images on the internet as well. These cakes look amazing on any kind of event. You can order them on the birthday party, and on some wedding as well. All you have to do is to yell them about your taste and flavor and that’s it. You can further decorate it with candles and other toys too.

·Cream cake:

If you are one of the cream lovers, then this is a cake for you. Decorated completely with cream, this cake can make you have heaven in your mouth. This is the reason why many couples like to have a cream cake on their wedding. They select flavor according to their taste and place their order. Some couples are too cautious about the whole cake and dinner thing that they arrange a pre wedding dinner in which the invite the close friends and family and have a rehearsal dinner with them. They have the cake and everyone can taste it to tell the quality. This also helps them to decide about the seating arrangements to avoid chaos in the wedding.

·Dry cake:

These cakes are delicious in their taste but they don’t give a nice look. This is why people don’t use them in their wedding, but when they visit each other, they give it as a gift to each other. They also taste good with tea and in the breakfast as well. So if you ever get the chance, do try these cakes for the sake of your taste buds.

·Cheese cake:

When it comes to cakes, there is no way one can forget about the cheese cake. They are mostly liked cakes in the world. However, if you want them in your wedding you have to set your budget again as they are too expensive. If you have the budget, try to have this cake at your wedding. No one will forget how yummy it was. They are available in different flavors like cherry, blueberry, strawberry and other fruits too. They layer of biscuits below the cake is crunchy and the rest of the cake is creamy. You can have bobbleheads as the wedding cake topper to make your cake look unique.

·Coffee cake:

Coffee cakes are best for the people who love caffeine. If you don’t like too much sugar, then these are the cakes for you. Mostly, elder people like its taste so it is nice to give them as a gift, but not to order it on your wedding. You will end up wasting a lot of it. However if you and your partner like it, you can order it on the following day.

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