The Advantages of Having A Quadrant Shower Enclosure

A quadrant shower enclosure or cubicle features a curve-shaped frontage, and is designed to fit closely in the corner of your bathroom. It usually has hinged or sliding shower doors that are well fitted in a curved shape. This type of enclosure is becoming more and more popular for a lot of good reasons. Should you be deciding on which shape to pick for your bathroom, here are the benefits you will experience when you choose to have a quadrant shower enclosure.

  1. Easy to maintain. A quadrant shower door comes with just a single curved face. It provides you with less glass to clean for easier and quicker maintenance. If you wish to have sparkling clear glass, you have the option to purchase a shower enclosure with an easy-clean glass feature. A special coating is applied to the glass, which helps prevent the build up of dirt, stains, grime, limescale and oil. This makes your enclosure look as good as new for a long time.
  2. Space-saving design. A square shaped shower enclosure may offer a classic design, but it takes up space. The best feature of the quadrant shower door is that its front surface is curved, making it a great space-saving option. Unlike enclosures with a square or rectangular design, quadrant shower cubicles allow you a lot of body movement when taking a shower, and yet leave more space available outside.
  3. Soft shape. There are various types of shapes you can have when it comes to your shower enclosure. Whilst the square and rectangular shapes might add to some features of your bathroom, a quadrant shower cubicle provides you with a much softer shape. This gives your bathroom a very soft and modern look, as well as offering more relaxation and a cosier ambience.
  4. Offset option. An offset quadrant shower enclosure provides a more spacious design, but with the similar curved frontage. It comes with left and right fitting styles. This version of a quadrant shower enclosure is a wonderful choice if you have a little more room available and would like to make great use of your space.
  5. Stylish design. Opting for a quadrant shower door is choosing to express a sense of style in your bathroom. Not only does it give you a luxury experience every time you take a shower, but it will surely impress your visitors with its combination of beauty, elegance, and cleanliness.

If you are looking to refurbish your bathroom or planning everything from scratch, getting a new shower enclosure may be included in your list. The advantages mentioned above might make choosing a shower cubicle an easier task for you.

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