This Is What Happens If Men Go Without Underwear

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Ditching underwear to go commando is not only weird but unhealthy. Here are reasons men’s Sloggi pants and underwear are must-have garments.

  • Embarrassing sweat stains

If you have ever seen a girl soiled behind, you must have felt sorry for her. Now, what if a similar situation happens to you? Putting on Sloggi pants for men can help you avoid this awkward phenomenon. Underwear absorbs sweat and also provides an extra layer of material for trapping sweat so it doesn’t stain your outer clothes.

  • Crotch Rot

Medically, this condition is referred to as tinea cruris which is basically a skin infection that is caused by excessive wetness. As mentioned above, men’s Sloggi pants absorb sweat. So, if you maintain clean underwear, you minimize the possibility of contracting crotch rot. Good materials for underwear like cotton absorb sweat unlike jeans and normal shorts. They ensure that your twins remain as dry as necessary. Polyester blends are especially great because they have moisture-wicking capabilities that make sweat evaporate quickly. Those are the type of undergarments you should look for.

  • Chafing

This is a kind of irritation that happens to the skin when clothes rub against it repeatedly. Anytime you go commando you risk irritating the groin. Normal pants, shorts, and jeans can be very abrasive to the twins since they are not designed for the sensitive parts of your body but Sloggi men’s briefs are. The briefs add an extra layer of gentle material that barricades the groin from potentially abrasive clothes, ensuring the safety of your package.

  • Flashing someone indiscreetly

Embarrassing moments could happen if you leave your package unsupported. Think about how you felt when you forgot to lock in your hammer. It would be worse to leave your goods exposed in case you forget to close the zipper. If you wear clothes for long periods of time, they start to deteriorate. What if your pants split while you are in a public place? It would be more embarrassing if you don’t have any Sloggi men’s pants. To be on the safe side, always wear the underwear.

  • You have to carefully select the clothes you wear

Since you will be leaving your bottoms exposed, you are more likely to flash someone when you wear thin clothes like silk or cotton. So, you will be forced to choose thicker materials like jeans, which are not good for the groin.

  • Visible wet spots

It is not uncommon to find a few drops in your drawer. But you can avoid embarrassing yourself if you wear Sloggi pants for men. This issue worsens with age so you better keep your front in check all the time to avoid an exposed leak. Don’t forget that the leaks could also come from behind in case of a bowel breakage. This is especially true for old men with incontinence issues.

Save yourself from these humiliating moments by putting on a good undergarment.

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