How to choose your chair / office chair?

Because we spend hours there, the choice of the office chair is as fundamental as it is a priority. If the quality of the wood in your office can be revised down, neglecting that of the chair would be a strategic mistake that could cost you big.

Because it is difficult to give the best of oneself in bad working conditions!

Moreover, the ergonomics of the workstation and the position of the collaborator are topics increasingly taken into account by the human resources and welfare departments (yes the direction of well-being exists in some companies!).

The office chair becomes an important element when choosing office furniture. Buying a discount office chair is a bad investment for the future. Kollori gives you some tips for making this choice.

Quality furniture adapted to the position of each employee will allow your company to reduce absenteeism but also to improve the well-being of each employee.

1: Ergonomics you will search

In your quest for the most ergonomic office chair possible, target synchronous mechanism seats. Rolls of the desks, it will guarantee a simultaneous inclination of the seat and the backrest as well as a dynamic position. Also, when you lean back, you keep in touch with the folder but keep a freedom of movement that nourishes and hydrates your discs.

The other two existing mechanisms (tilting or permanent contact) should be avoided because they are less suitable for prolonged sitting.

However, if you want to focus on the synchronous system, make sure it is accurate and robust.

2: Armrests you will use

If you think you can do without armrests, you’re wrong. In the medium or long term, if your elbows are not supported and placed, you will develop pain and disorders in the cervical, trapeziums and shoulders.

If a chair does not have armrests do a cross on but be careful, all armrests are not equal. For best results, prefer armrests that are adjustable in height, width, depth and orientation.

3: A dynamic position you will have

If having a good sitting position is essential, switching between different good positions is even better. So, sit on the edge sometimes, sometimes in the back of your seat to relieve yourself.

And choose a flared seat forward with a backrest that supports the natural hollow of your back, at the lumbar level.

Feel free to try different office chairs such as beanbags, yoga balls or stay upright.

The color of the office chair

Manufacturers are starting to offer bright colors in their collections. Take the opportunity to think outside the box by choosing colors related to your workspace or the graphic of the company in which you work.

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