Best Cake Decorating Ideas

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Who doesn’t love cake? They’ve got to be one of the most delicious things on earth! We love the variety in flavors and colors, whether chocolate, vanilla, carrot cake, cheese cake or strawberry cake. What’s the first thing that draws you to any cake? It’s definitely what it looks like because as we all know, you eat with your eyes first, so it’s important that the cake looks inviting and delicious. If you love cake (of course you do!) and you love making cake, then you definitely know how important cake decorations are. You want to make it look just as good as it tastes. The good news is that there are countless ways that you can decorate your cake based on your taste, the occasion, your favorite flavors and so on.  In order to help you make your next cake a little better, here are our top ideas for decorating cake:

  1. Fruits

Thinly sliced fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, apples and mangoes look and taste amazing with cake. Thinly slice one or more types of fruit and place them on top of the cake in a random manner or in the shape of concentric rings or just around the edge of the cake. Get creative and find what looks (and tastes) best with your cake!

  1. Meringues

Probably the most popular decoration for a cake, meringues are a treat to the eye and the frosting tastes just as good. You can either use store-bought crunchy meringues or piped buttercream icing for soft creamy meringues. Yum! Don’t forget that you can also play around.

with colors; just add food coloring and you can get whatever you want from green, blue, pink or purple meringues!

  1. Cookies

Cookies and cake? Yes, please! The more, the merrier, right? Place a several small cookies around the edge of the cake or in concentric circles all over the cake, or even place a few bigger cookies, or a combination of big and small cookies to make different shapes such as balloons! Don’t forget to decorate your cookies with frosting, cream, and sprinkles!

  1. Candy and Chocolate

Decorate your cake with all different kinds of candy and chocolate. Pick just one or a combination of many. You can decorate it with roasted marshmallows on the top with Kit-Kat bars all around the sides.  You can divide the top into sections and fill each section with a different treat such as m&ms, skittles and maltesers! Make your cake as colorful and as crazy as want. You can even use lollipops, gummy bears, candy-canes and so much more.

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