Advice for the purchase of gifts

Currently, consumers value -and are willing to pay more if necessary- personalized products and services. Custom-made clothes and footwear, recipes that remind us of the grandmother’s seasoning, services designed in our tastes and more options are highly recognized by customers and that is the trend that continues to dictate the behavior of several markets. And if this already determines the act of purchase, what will not happen when it comes to a gift.

For those who are about to start a business and need ideas, one option is to become consultants for the purchase of gifts. “The service ranges from an orientation with abstract ideas to the purchase and delivery of the gift. The advice is as personalized as required, in addition to that every budget is adjusted “, explains Cristina Mendoza, adviser and lifestyle counselor.

The opportunities that result in a good business idea are attractive because Mexicans, when it comes to gifts, are quite splendid. According to the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Mexico City, in 2013 there were reported sales of $ 1.19 billion in gifts for Valentine’s Day. This as a result of an approximate investment of $ 500 per gift.

As for Christmas, a survey conducted by the market research agency TNS notes that Mexicans spend around $ 2,800 in gifts during the holiday season. And incredible as it may seem, 70% of respondents said that they usually buy gifts in advance, while 20% admitted falling into the so-called “panic purchases”. The remaining 10% prefer to wait for January sales.


“The first thing is to know the case – that is, your client-. What do you want and what is your budget? Based on this, they propose and carry out telephone meetings, via Skype, in person or by email. You can give accompaniment and guide of choice (after research) or, you receive the cost of the gift, you buy and delivery (to the gift or the gift), “explains Cristina.

To start up this business, you need a smartphone with a call and data plan, so you can be in touch with your clients in case the advice is remote. It also includes a laptop and Internet connection. Finally, although it is not a priority, it would be very helpful to have a compact vehicle to move or make the gift delivery.

Counseling can have an initial cost of $ 100 or you can offer the option to charge a percentage (15% to 20%) of the cost of the gift for advice estimated by Abel Prasad. Here the value of the service lies in the ability of the advisor to listen and the knowledge you have of stores and spaces where you can find unique pieces at a good price. Complement your services with the option of professional gift wrapping.

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