What are the Advantages of Enerpac Pumps?

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Shaw Hydraulics is an official supplier of Enerpac hydraulic pumps, with a wide range to choose from. Enerpac are the industry gold standard in hand pumps, and have a range of applications across multiple industries. With a myriad of advantages, an Enerpac hydraulic pump can improve the speed and efficiency of your business efforts – but what are those advantages? What exactly can an Enerpac hand pump do for you?

Lightweight Construction

Enerpac pumps come in a variety of sizes and designs, with multiple Enerpac hand pump types in the P-Series available as lightweight models, easy to transport and store.

Minimal Operator Fatigue

Designed with the operator in mind, P-series Enerpac hydraulic pumps often incorporate two-speed pumping, with the ability to switch up or down to suit the task – reducing operator fatigue dramatically and dropping the required number of handle strokes by up to 78% over a conventional single-speed pump. Coupled with this, the Enerpac hand pumps available from Shaw Hydraulics have a reduced handle effort, making each stroke of the pump less strenuous by far and reducing fatigue even further.

As an official supplier of Enerpac hydraulic pumps, Shaw Hydraulics can help you find a hand pump solution which doesn’t leave your workforce exhausted!


Enerpac pumps are a versatile hydraulic pump solution designed to fit to as many different hydraulic systems as possible. With large oil capacities to fit a range of cylinders, an Enerpac hand pump can be used however you need it, ensuring that even one pump is an investment which will repay itself again and again, working with a variety of tasks to solve a wide range of problems.


The most striking attribute about Enerpac pumps is the amount of power which can be generated from such a lightweight, portable pump. A compact design, high-performance materials and expert engineering make these pumps a powerful, versatile tool, with the ability to tackle a huge range of tasks. Some Enerpac hand pumps, like the ULTIMA range or the P-2282 11-Series Ultra-High-Pressure Hand Pumps, can provide even greater pressures for larger, more high-pressure systems, with the ability to use multiple types of hydraulic fluid and a pressure release knob to allow controlled release of accumulated pressure.

If you are interested in an Enerpac hand pump, or you would like to know more about how these powerful, versatile and portable pumps can help your business, you can get in touch with Shaw Hydraulics today. Shaw Hydraulics is an official supplier of Enerpac Pumps, and the experts at our head office will be happy to provide any information you may need to find the perfect Enerpac Pumps solution to suit your needs.

You can get in touch with Shaw Hydraulics by using our contact number, +44 (0) 1252 837423, or using the contact form on this site. Whatever your requirements are, we are sure that we’ve got the Enerpac Hydraulic Pump for the job – so get in touch today!

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