The Right Choice for your Coffee Maker

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If you are a coffee lover like me, then you must know the need for a perfectly brewed coffee. Of course, I’m not talking about Starbucks. I’m talking about home-brewed coffee. The first thing that comes to your mind is what type of coffee maker should you buy? There are a lot of options in the market but the two main choices remain: whether you should buy a stainless steel coffee maker or a glass lined coffee carafe.

What’s a stainless steel carafe?

It basically works on thermal insulation which keeps the coffee hot at a constant temperature.

What’s a glass lined carafe?

It’s simply a glass flask set on a thermal plate to keep the coffee hot.

A comparison between them can show which the better choice is. The first thing should be:


I think it’s obvious which coffee maker is more durable. The glass carafe is more prone to damage and breakage than stainless steel carafe. It might break during washing or a little rough handling might also cost you a trip to the store. But some companies also make shatter resistant carafes, so that might be of some solace.


I have already mentioned earlier the difference between their function. The steel carafe has thermal functionality. It can keep your drink hot long hours. But honestly, who would want to drink coffee brewed over 10 or 12 hours ago, 4 hours’ work just fine which is the time limit for glass carafe. The glass lined carafe needs to be kept on a hotplate.


The next thing that comes should be the taste. Glass carafes are known to ruin the taste of the coffee as it leads to faster oxidation of the contents. If you keep the carafe on the hotplate, it might cause over brewing. You don’t have to worry about such stuff in steel carafes.

Energy Efficient

As the glass carafe is kept on the hotplate for long hours, it can consume a lot of energy. A steel carafe, on the other hand, is quite energy efficient. Keeping the electric appliance on for longer periods of time can also be dangerous as it may lead to short circuit.


The glass lined carafe is admittedly cheaper but looking at the pros and cons it has a lot of drawbacks. Why not spend a few more dollars that will prove beneficial in the long run?


The only good point of glass carafes that take precedent over steel carafes is its presentation. If you want your coffee maker to look elegant and sophisticated then glass carafes are the right choice.


Yes, right THE handle. It might seem like an unimportant thing but it is important. A metal handle will become hot; making it difficult to pour coffee while a plastic or non-conductor handle can be held easily. So make sure to check this before buying your coffee maker.

The above comparison shows the things you need to look for in your ideal coffee maker. So, that you can have a heavenly cup of coffee whenever you want.

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