The Plenty Vaporizer – Powerful, Vaporizer With Handheld Features

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With so many vaporizers in the market today, it becomes difficult to find the one that can offer perfect vaping experience within a pocket-friendly budget. Thanks to the manufacturers Storz & Bickel – the Plenty Vaporizer is the perfect combination for all who wants both – good vapes at minimal cost.

Here’s a quick roundup of the powerful vaporizer to help you understand its features, functionalities, and design. Let’s have a look.

It is the newest in the line of desktop vapes by Storz & Bickel and meant for those who want vaping herbs at the comfort of their home. The vaporizer comprises of a larger frame that lets it intake more material and hardware than usual.


The Plenty Vaporizer is small, sleek, and smart, which makes it almost a portable vape option with caliber of a desktop one.


Though the price tag is a little higher as compared to other vaporizers in its category, the features offered make it worth every penny spent. People who can afford a little pricey product to enjoy a good vaping experience should definitely go for this one.


The design of this vaporizer is decent. It seems different than rest of the desktop vapes in the market. It does not looks even a bit like its closest sibling – the Volcano.


Loaded with many interesting features, the Plenty Vaporizer has one more unique feature in its winding mouthpiece. This seems like a novelty over practicality. Once you get a hang of it, you will find it easy to use and pretty great too.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Storz & Bickel are known for their quality vaporizers and advanced technology that has earned them big reputation in the vaping industry. The Plenty Vaporizer is just another example of their supreme work. You can’t exactly say the design is too elegant or portable, yet it performs outstandingly well.

You need to hold it while you’re vapin, which makes it somewhat a portable vaporizer in a desktop size. The handheld vaporizer offers quality vapes without too much effort.


All in all, the Plenty is one of the decent options of vaporizers for those in search of a desktop vape with handy features. You can buy the cheap Plenty Vaporizer online from the official website of To The Cloud Vapor Store. Make sure you go through the features and contrast it with your requirements before making any decision. Make your choice wisely!

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