The Appeal of Ugly Clothing Spreads

Almost everyone is aware of the infamous ugly Christmas sweater, but there is a legion of other clothing out there that mimics the sweater as well. In fact, there are a host of “ugly sweaters” that were actually very fashionable in the 1980’s. Many people enjoyed the host of terrible sweaters worn by Healthcliff Huxtable, and of course there’s the ever famous ugly Christmas sweater worn by Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation.

So what makes these sweaters tick and why are they particularly festive during the holiday season? There’s no one good answer. The ugly clothing trend first became a sensation online and now it has spread to the real world. For the same reason that some people love to wear big, gaudy jewelry, others love to wear big, gaudy clothing that really stands out in a crowd. Is it about attention?

The attention factor in all this can be debated. Certainly, some people prefer to make their statements through fashion, and there’s nothing unusual or wrong about that. Attention might be the wrong word, though. Instead of seeking attention from the outside world from their style, many people wear clothing that makes THEM feel good. It’s not about being seen by the world but about wearing a style of clothing that makes them feel most themselves. The fact that other people notice the clothing is only a byproduct of their own fashion sense.

Other people think ugly clothing is downright hilarious, and there are millions of people out there that agree with them. In fact, some designers go out of their way to make sure that their clothing is hilariously unappealing. It’s this anti-beauty revolt in the apparel industry that has made things downright fun for so many people. The trend continues to spread online more year after year, as more people get in on the fun.

The holidays will always be the biggest season for ugly apparel. People love those giant, fuzzy Christmas sweaters with unappealing lettering and tacky visions of reindeer, Santa, and snowmen. The way things are these days, it’s actually a big part of the season and any apparel store is going to take advantage of the trend. Who could blame them? Designers and retail outlets make millions of dollars from the sale of ugly apparel each year, and the Christmas season is their bread and butter. It promises to be for a long time to come.

So when the trees go up and the lighted reindeer figurines hit lawns across America, just know that at all times during the year, there are people wearing those same ugly shirts, waiting for just the right time to bring it all out in full force. There’s a good chance that the trend will never end, and for a good many people that’s just fine. The opposite of beauty has its own simple charms, and for those who like to walk just a little differently than the rest, ugly clothing is a way of life that spells out FUN.

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