The 7 Best Wine Accessories Every Wino Must Not Lack

Are you excited about your new wine hobby? You need to start learning vital tips from the experts regarding wine accessories. Wine experts and sommeliers know the best equipment when it comes to accessorizing wine services. The most important thing is the practicality of the equipment and not necessarily their prices and sophistication. Some people think that wine professionals are snobs but the truth is they are pragmatic and are keen on effective tools that bring outstanding wine services to their clients. A wine bottle deserves quality attention and here is a rundown of 7 impeccable tools of wine kits as the best wine accessories every wino should own.

  • Champagne Stopper

 Once you remove the cork, the sparkly bubbles of wine disappear after a few hours. This makes a champagne stopper one of the most fundamental wine bottle accessories for wine enthusiasts who like the sparkling essence. The stoppers help to retain the trapped carbon dioxide which is responsible for the bubbles. After every use, the champagne bottle must be recapped immediately with the stopper.

  • Wine opener

Opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew is an arduous task and that is why a wine opener is required. This should not lack in your wine accessories gift set because it is probably the first thing you’ll need as soon as your guests arrive. The openers are available in different prices, sizes, and shapes. Some are designed for beginners while others are made for the experts. They are some of the best friends of waiters and waitresses.

  • Wine decanter set

You need an aerator or decanter to introduce oxygen into your wine. This helps to eliminate bitterness and harsh tannins while at the same time releasing the flavors. As you use the wine pourer, your drink needs slight aeration so that the best characteristics of your wine can be obtained from the oxygen. Decanting and aerating are particularly important for the red wine.

  • Wine glasses

A good set of glasses can make a big difference. As a matter of fact, statistics show that the shape of your wine glasses can have an impact on the perceived flavor. Forget the Nalgene bottles or the sippy mugs and choose crystal stemmed glasses to impress your visitors.

  • Wine Preserver

After the wine bottle cork pops out, your wine is more likely to undergo oxidation. While wine aerator pourer is necessary for the initial stages, you should lock out oxygen as much as possible to prolong the lifespan of your wine. A wine preserver can help you do that. The most popular design is the vacuum pump.

  • Tasting notebook

A notebook might sound unnecessary but it is vital to preserving memories. You need to keep notes of the different tastes you’ve had in the past so you can remember each one of them. You can keep the note in a smartphone app or anywhere you prefer but the bottom line is- your notes should be kept safe.

  • Polishing cloth

Most of the best champagne glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher but it is not the safest way; otherwise, you will need to polish them immediately after washing. Hand washing the glasses should be your best bet. Use a lint-free polishing cloth to dry the glasses. These clothes don’t leave small fabrics on glassware or eyesore water streaks.

If it is your first time to outfit your wine hobby or you are trying to restock your wine accessories, the above mentioned seven tools are the best way to get started. Choose pragmatic wine accessories over impractical equipment for best results. For more help, you can also search for tips and guidance online on popular wine kits.