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Humans are living more busy life than before they have so much work to do in one single day that they cannot find time for their day to day activities. Which create an opportunity in the market for new businesses? People start helping people in fulfilling their duties which they cannot do because of their busy lifestyle.

There is the number of businesses these days which are earning only to perform some other personal duties. The main part of the success of these businesses is provided by IT technology. It makes easy for people to reach these service providers. Because if technology did not make this so easy then people try to do it by themselves.

So what technology do it create platforms for both of them to meet at a single place in the shape of websites and mobile applications? The services which they provide include everything from car wash to surprise birthday plans. We will discuss the number of online services which people are availing to save their time and effort and pay a very minimum amount to get these services.  Even you can send flowers to Sharjah online from anywhere.

Transport services:

In the past you need to pick up your wife from her parent’s home your children from schools and guest from the airport and other places as well. But technology makes it so easy for people to perform all these duties where ever he is. If you are busy in some meeting and its time for school off of your children then it gets tough for you to perform both duties at the same time.

But now you can perform them very easily you just have to take out your mobile and book a ride on uber or creem for your children. Then you can call the driver of that vehicle and tell them the whole situation.  That person will pick your children from school and drop them to your home doorsteps.

You can track their movement on your mobile throughout the traveling. You just have to put pick up and drop location from your mobile.

Delivering gifts to your loved one:

In the past people use to give gifts to their loved ones on special occasions. But due to the busy schedule, we could not find time to do so especially when you are away from them in some other country. So for that people provide you online services which will deliver your gift to your loved one. Sending gifts through Online is the new business these days. People can send flowers online to their loved ones on their special occasion what you have to do is only go to their website.

When you reach on their website they have the number of flower options from which you can choose which one you want to send to your loved one. After that, you add the address of delivery and make the payment by your card. So a delivery person will pick up your gift and went to that address and gives it to the nominated person on the delivery requirement. So this makes it very easy to buy happiness for your loved one by sending them flowers on their special occasions.

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