How Anxiety and Depression are Different from Each Other

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How many of you actually consider anxiety and depression as a similar problem of the human being?

Most of you would respond with an affirmative response, but both these terms are totally deferent that have different treatment and medications.

Even in many people, these are the common problems that they have in their life. But as both the terms are different, the next question you might think is, what makes them different?

So, let’s start with their description.

Depression is a problem when a person feels different and distinct from other people in his/her surrounding. On the other hand, anxiety is the collection of multiple mental situations when your mind starts overreacting like panic situation, phobia or other similar situations.

In terms of symptoms, anxiety and depression both have the same sign which you can consider as the red alert for an upcoming problem.

Common Symptoms for Anxiety and Depression includes:

Low Mood: Low mood or sad mood is the common and simple sign of depression as well as anxiety. In this case, the patient doesn’t find any other resource to invest the time and move out of depression. As a result, the problem of depression continues to increase and give birth to other health issues. In a low mood, patient mostly thinks of the negative phase of their life that even make their situation worse.

Headache: This is a physical symptom that can be seen in both situations. The mental situation of the patient starts targeting the nervous system in the brain that increases pain and causes a headache. In some cases, the pain becomes incurable and hence pain killers are the only option left behind.

Muscle Tension: Under this problem, you might also phase muscle ache without any hard efforts. If you are undergoing heavy lifts in the gym, it’s common. But in depression and anxiety, you will experience muscle tension without any reason. The actual reason behind this is, your mental problem starts causing body functioning disorder that develops other problems including muscle tension.

Can a Patient have Anxiety & Depression at Same Time?

According to the doctors, it’s actually possible to have both the problems at the same time. In about 50% of the anxiety cases, patients are found to have depression along with anxiety symptoms. However, this is not mandatory that a patient will have both these problems simultaneously. Even in the initial days, you will find the presence of these problems in every patient which can become severe later.

What’s their treatment: Both these mental situations demand proper medical attention. However, patients are treated differently. Also, the medication prescribed is different. Now, when you are confused about the right source of buying prescribed medicine, Canadian Pharmacy will help you with various offers and home delivery option.

So, if you are still having the perception that anxiety and depression are the same, you are wrong and this piece of content will help you overcome your misconceptions. What more do you think makes the two problems the same or different? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

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