Head gear and jewelry for All

Head jewels are one of the most trending fashion statements now. Fashion keeps changing from time to time. So this time, the trend is being followed by ornament worn on head. In many parts of the world, this is an old concept though. People in parts of Asia have been adorning themselves with these ornaments and they give a remarkable look on face too. Thus the trend of head jewelry is now being caught by the west.

Head ornaments for Women:

Women have been adorning themselves with ornaments in different parts of their body. Apart from ears, neck and hands, the face is being decorated too. The concept of head gear and jewelry is not liked by many. Thus, it was not popular till date. But, the head gear and jewelry suits all. When we look at elaborately decorated idols of fairies or angels, they have head gear and jewelry too. Wearing head gear and jewelry makes a lady (in particular) look divine and the most interesting part of head gear and jewelry is that it can be easily carried out by any one. People will not stop admiring you, when you flaunt one.

Head gear and jewelry for Braids:

The head gear and jewelry is not only used on the top of the forehead, they can be worn in your braids too. The pearl or diamonds twinkling in the locks of your hair will give a glamorous look to your hair. Even if you are just making a bun of your hair, cover a piece of head gear and jewelry to it. Use it on any special occasion or on regular use, it will make you stand out of the crowd.

Styles of Nature:

With the most affordable price of less than 10 $, these can be purchased on the websites. Few of the head gear and jewelry include styles and varieties related to nature such as design of a leaf, flower, tear drop, pearls, small or multi coloured beads. The most popular trend of head and hair accessory is with peacock feathers. They look elaborately coloured and designs are just outstanding. If you have any costume show or just for party with friends, you can try these styles and flaunt your beautiful hair with these multi coloured items.

For women who prefer simple and beautiful:

For the women who do not want to experiment with styles and funky stuff, they can choose to wear a graceful and sophisticated look of jewellery which is available. A single or double or multiple strings of pearls or gold plated chain are simple to look and gives a promisingly elegant look. Most of the head chains are not elaborately designed.

Heavy designs:

If you wish to choose heavy designed head accessory, then you may like Bohemian style or Mughal style of designs. Mughal designs are popular in the region of Asia. These have heavy design work and all decked with colour stones and diamonds. Most of the times, this type of head jewelry chains is worn by brides or in any wedding occasions. The ornaments give a rich look of grandeur and taste. They have been experimented with western outfits too.

Hair Comb Accessories:

If you do not like the chains or the heavy jewellery, you can try the stones or clip accessories. They look like pins and can be decorated to your boring looking hair bun or one side plated hair braid. They come with a hair comb attached to them, you can jut place them on your head and flaunt them in simple style.

The head accessories were worn by top Hollywood actresses such as Natalia Portman and many others. The concept has been popular in the Bollywood and is soon catching with Hollywood. So why fall back with the trending fashion? Try one today.