3 tips to choose your T-shirt

For men, the T-shirt is the basic of our wardrobe. It’s simple, it can be worn in any situation, whether for sports, to go to the office or even for a party, provided you know what to associate, obviously. But, contrary to what one might think, choosing a T-shirt and wearing it in style is not so obvious. Discover these 3 tips to have all the cards in hand during your next shopping session!

Adjusted, without being tight

Above all, a T-shirt needs to be at the right size, otherwise it’s the wrong fashion not insured. Everything obviously depends on your morphology, but there are some benchmarks that can tell you if the T-shirt fits you or not.

A T-shirt is perfectly adjusted when the seam of the sleeves falls pile hair on the break of the shoulder, thus slightly molding the pectoral and without making too many folds. The round neck should be positioned at the level of the clavicle. If you prefer V-necks, they should be shallow.

As far as length is concerned, the sleeves must stop at half the biceps and the T-shirt itself must stop just below the waist. Obviously, it must not mold the belly, without floating.

 Prints, but not too much

As we know, the plain t-shirt is the centerpiece of many looks. Whether you choose it white, black, gray or even red, it usually associates with everything. But if you want to give a little more fantasy to your image, there are alternatives.

You can choose a plain T-shirt with a printed pocket to add a touch of originality to your look. Or you can go straight with an allover pattern, that is to say, which covers the entire surface of the T-shirt for example camouflage type. Combine with plain and simple trousers and jacket, of course. On the other hand, avoid overprinted prints, at the risk of making Christmas decoration. Likewise, drop the “funny” slogans or the pictures printed on the front of the T-shirt.

And know that you can also look at work. Indeed, it is now possible to customize your professional clothing, so do not hesitate to let go while remaining a minimum discreet!

We opt for natural materials

We know that wearing a synthetic tee is synonymous with big halos like the hand! Yes, this material is particularly sweat, unlike more natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or even techwear.

Summer or winter, we opt for breathable materials that do not transform us into a living puddle at the slightest movement!

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