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Duffle Bags Work Well for Men and Women

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For men and women on the go, the duffle bag is the right thing you know!

Yes, duffle bags make ideal companions for both men and women in their business, leisure and recreation. Most often, duffle bags for men come in masculine and rugged designs while duffle bags for women are softer, curvy and elegantly styled. But whatever the design may be, the duffle bag has grown in popularity as a work and travel companion.

What is a Duffle Bag?

According to some sources, the duffle bag was meant to be a vertically-upright sack kind of bag closed by a drawstring. It was used mainly by sailors and was called a “seabag”. In short, it was a lumpy, shapeless sack that you dumped your stuff into to carry off on your voyages.

In today’s terms, the duffle bag is a horizontal and cylindrical bag with zippers, twin handles and side pouches. normally, duffle bags are carried by hand and are wheelless. Today, some duffle bags also come fitted with wheels to be used as a trolley.

Duffle bags are versatile, spacious and sturdy. They have a lot of practical usages and are ideal to be carried off elegantly to office, meetings, gym,  yoga sessions, golf courses and vacations.

Men’s duffle bags and women’s duffle bags have some subtle yet significant variations that require special attention.

Duffle Bags for Men

Talking about Duffle bags for men, the first thing you notice is their sheer rugged look. these bags exude masculine power. male dominance and sheer muscle strength. They are usually fabricated from tough material like genuine leather, cowhide or canvas.

Duffle bags for men have sturdy handles, strong zippers and look robust and ready for action. They are spacious and roomy and have a practical minimalistic design.  No tassels, or fringes for men’s duffle bags. All you get is a fully functional bag that is high on practical usage. But in spite of this, men’s duffle bags have also become more fashionable to suit the modern man and incorporate certain elements of style while retaining their masculine look.

Duffle bags for men usually come in colours like black, brown, tan, grey, forest green etc. Modern trend have infused new varieties in these bags but still, men’s duffle bags still symbolize ” the rough and ready” look.

Duffle Bags for Women

Talk of Duffle bags for women, talk of style. Here you can go all out with your imagination and have tassels, bells, sequins etc. Women’s duffle bags are high on design, style and elegance. They are more fashionable, trendy and showy. They come in plain, printed, checked, embroidered and textured versions.

For a woman, a duffle bag is a part of her modish outfit. So, it has to be of the right style, design and colour to complement her dress. This is why world-class couturiers like Louis Vuitton also design women’s duffle bags.

Women’s duffle bags come in pleasant colours like white, pink, maroon, peach, brown etc. Stunning in looks and superlative in style, these bags are fabricated in soft leather, PU, denim, cotton and other tender materials that do not abrade the feminine skin. They have many compartments and side pouches to fit in a world of women accessories like makeup kit, hairbrush, shoes, toiletries etc. Everything is organized and neat-looking in a women’s duffle bag.

Be it men’s duffle bags or women’s duffle bags, the main focus of the buyer should be on the quality and design of the product and this can be assured only by trusted suppliers. Always shop for men’s duffle bags or women’s duffle bags online as you get a wide variety of choice with assured quality and replacement options.

Remember, anything you can shuffle in life, but never drop the duffle. Go get your duffle bag from the best provider and make the right choice today.

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